H series Coronet Street

My former studio in Coronet Street, Hoxton, comprised two separate spaces. There was a room for the manufacture of concrete works containing, amongst other things, a cement mixer, a vibrating table for compacting wet concrete, a Shaker dining table and some carefully boxed and labeled examples of previous work. There was also a contemplative space, designed and built by myself, Nick Hodder and Nicola Barnacle. At certain times of the day artificial light from a small kitchen area created an orange glow along the top of the walls on one side. This effect was the starting point for H series , my first and only work using applied colour. The pieces on show were spray painted orange and black using graffiti and car body aerosols from nearby Shoreditch and Bethnal Green. Everything in the show was made on site from raw materials in one or other of the two studio spaces.

H series is dedicated to Michael Harrison.